According to CalPERS (California’s pension agency,) he’s the man with the richest public pension in the state, collecting a cool $42,000 a month – or nearly $510,000 a year.

So what important public job did Bruce Malkenhorst hold, to earn such a pension?  City Administrator of the Town of Vernon, population 92. 

The strange and disturbing story can be found here.  An excerpt:

“California’s tiniest city, if you want to call it a city, is one of the nation’s most lasting and efficient political machines, run almost entirely for the benefit of a handful of rarely opposed, extremely well-paid politicians. Vernon should have been subsumed long ago into the surrounding city of L.A, but its independence is a strange and stark example of how a democracy can become a dynasty.”

Or, in the words of George Washington Plunkitt, “honest graft” lives on…